This is yet another example of how powerful our Kindness Cards can be. We have a giver that shared their story about buying coffee for a lady… Then a few hours later a receiver shared her story about the man that bought her coffee. Now she can continue paying it forward and the card LIVES ON!

I was Buying gum, the nice lady in front of me had a coffee. Before she paid I said “mam, I can’t let you buy that because I have to do something kind today so I need your help!” I handed her the Kindness card and she said “wow, I didn’t expect this, thank you!” My day was made watching her walk to her vehicle reading the card front and back! ❤️ — Anonymous Man in 61265

I was in line to pay for my coffee on this very cold day when the gentleman behind me said hello. When I moved to the counter he stepped up and gave me this card and said my coffee was taken care of. What a wonderful thing to do! There are nice people out there, we need to know this. THANK YOU! — Anonymous Lady in 61265

Can’t you see the power of this movement? Imagine if each card was passed 5-10-20 times and we could track the story back to YOU. The first person that gave a card out. Be sure to get your 10 Free Kindness Cards today and start your own little wave of kindness.