We developed our “Kindness cards” with a couple of goals in mind. Being able to pass along something tangible when you’ve done something special for someone, creates an additional layer of permanency.

The card becomes alive and symbolizes the difference you’ve made in someone’s life which is at the heart of the Same Journey mission!!

The card also serves as a reminder to the receiver that someone cared enough to perform a good deed and hopefully will inspire them to do the same.

Front of a Kindness Card

Back of a Kindness Card

One thing we can all agree on is that life is hectic and it’s easy to find ourselves operating on cruise control. When this happens, we view every thought and decision through the “I” filter.

The strangers we cross paths with daily all appear the same Nameless people, who we rarely look in the eye, as we robotically proceed through our day.

The beauty of interconnectedness is lost as we view everyone as being on “different journeys”. However, Once a person receives a “Kindness Card” their entire thought process changes.

Suddenly, the nameless people become fellow travelers and we find a new empathy and appreciation for their struggles. We start to see opportunities to impact everyone we come across which immediately leads to the world changing for the better.

Kindness Cards aren’t simply cards but instead, they serve as a reminder to truly see each person you encounter and treat them like they are on the “Same Journey” as yourself.

How can I get my own Kindness Cards?

We make it simple and free to get your own Kindness Cards. Simply click the button below and complete the quick form. We will send you 10 free Kindness Cards to help you start your journey into kindness.

What Can I do with my Free Kindness Cards?

Once you receive your 10 free Kindness Cards — it’s simple. You find ways in life to do something kind for someone. Once you do that, give them a Kindness Card — this ensures they can pay it forward. Finally, share your story with us and how it made you feel.

What if I Received a Kindness Card from Someone?

If someone just did a kind act for you and handed you a Kindness Card — congrats! You are now part of the movement. Now, you simply need to Share Your Story with us, do a kind act for someone else, and give them this same card!